Artwork Guidelines

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The Best Product Sourcing

In most cases, we will require vector artwork in order to complete your order. Vector artwork relies on mathematical calculations in between edit points to draw out complex shapes and designs. Because of this, vector artwork can be resized indefinitely, without ever losing its crisp and clear quality.

Raster artwork is comprised of pixels, and relies on initial file sizes to guarantee quality. Raster images such as digital photographs or web artwork cannot be upsized without losing quality. This makes them inappropriate for use with many imprinting techniques.

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Let us do it for you

If you cannot locate a vector version of your logo or artwork, don't worry! We'll take care of things on our end. Simply send us your clearest and best quality version of the art, and we'll convert it to vector ourselves to save you the trouble. Best of all, our vectorizing service is included with your order for free!

Please note that there are limitations to this service. Artwork that is too low resolution may not be vectorized accurately, and certain elements such as fonts may have to be substituted to the closest matches.

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We create ideas

We're about more than just putting your logo on a product. We'll give you the benefit of our untouched industry experience to suggest the best colors, fonts and layout options to maximize the appeal and quality of your art. We're not interested in the status quo. We want to make you shine!

Feel free to ask our art department any questions you might have before placing your order. They'll be sure to gain your trust by demonstrating their confidence. Don't forget to ask about our custom packaging service, to turn your next campaign into a smash hit!

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