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Glossy 300 gram Cardboard cover. 100 sheets neon colored sticky notes (20 each orange, green, light pink, yellow and hot pink). Sticky notes are ideal for indexing, tabbing and flagging. Convenient size to fit into your backpack, brief and purse. An office staple to always have handy.
C$1.72 and up
Notebook with cardboard cover has a speckled, marble-like appearance. Spiral binding. Includes 40 sheets of lined 40 gram paper. Also includes 20 yellow 2" x 1.25 sticky notes and 100 sticky note flags in various colors.
C$2.03 and up
7" W x 4" H x 1" D Smooth PVC Leatherette Contains two white 3" x 3" (100 sheets) sticky pad and three neon coloured 3" x 1" (100 sheets) sticky note flags Two-sided calendar (English included. French available if requested) SP 2C MAXPP HD READY - 3" W x 2" H (front)
C$5.23 and up
2.75" W x 3" H x 0.75" D Recycled cardboard with spiral bound spine Elastic band closure Contains multi-coloured 2" x 3" sticky notepad (5 x 25 sheets) and 2" x 0.5" sticky flags in neon colours (25 of each size and colour: Yellow, Hot Pink, Green, Blue and Orange) Convenient size to keep handy in your purse, computer bag or knapsack PAD 1C - 1" W x 2.25" H (front bookstyle) PAD 1C - 0.75" W x 2.25" H (back bookstyle)
C$2.23 and up
Note pad with cardboard cover. Corner metal pivot screw. One card with 50 sheets of white 3" x 2" sticky notes. Other card with 100 sheets of sticky note flags in blue, green, yellow, red and orange (20 of each color). Keep on your desk, in your purse or bag or at home for notes.
C$1.80 and up
6" W x 3.5" H x 0.75"D Smooth PVC Leatherette Contains one 3" x 3" yellow sticky pad and one pink and one green 3" x 1" sticky flags (150 each colour) Two-sided calendar (English included. French available if requested) SP 2C MAXPP HD READY - 3" W x 2" H (front) For a two colour imprint colours cannot touch
C$3.30 and up
3.625" W x 0.25" H x 2.25" D Acrylic Includes a total of 150 sheets of PET film see-through sticky notes: 2" x 2" yellow, 0.5" x 2" pink arrow indexer and 0.5" x 2" green and yellow sticky flags Just slide out the sticky notes to either side for easy access The perfect size for your business card to fit in the back Sticky notes are transparent so you can still read the text underneath PAD 1C HD READY - 2" W x 0.35" H (front top or bottom stripe) PAD 1C HD READY - 2" W x 1.25" H (back centered)
C$3.87 and up
Memo book made from cardboard and 250 paper sheets of 3" x 3" colored memo notes (50 each of green, pink, yellow, blue, white), and 125 sticky note flags under front cover in five neon colors (25 each of green, pink, yellow, blue, white).
C$2.47 and up
Hard cover recycled cardboard memo pad. Corner metal screw. Recycled logo on inside back cover. A great size to keep notepad handy for jotting down notes. 100 - 80 gram sheets unlined white recycled paper. Inexpensive promotional item.
C$1.67 and up
Memo pad made from cardboard and paper. 80 sheets white 70 gram paper memo pad, 150 sticky note flags under the front cover (25 each of each color). Convenient book for jotting down quick notes and flagging important details.
C$2.32 and up
6.25" W x 2" H x 0.25" D Cardboard sticky note holder with PP ruler Contains one yellow 3" x 1.75" (50 sheets) sticky pad and five 0.5 x 1.75" sticky note flags in five neon colours (50 each colour) Built-in PP ruler in centimetres PAD 1C - 3" W x 0.5" H (front)
C$1.82 and up
5.25" W x 4.25" H x 1" D Smooth PVC Leatherette Contains two 3" x 2" (100 sheets) and two 1.75" x 1.75" (100 sheets) sticky pads and eight neon coloured stick note flags (200 each colour) Two-sided calendar (English included. French available if requested) SP 2C MAXPP HD READY - 2" W x 1.5" H (front)
C$5.58 and up
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